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  Study programme coordinator: Univ.-Prof. Nikolaus Selimov
  Vice study programme coordinator: Univ.-Prof. Andrea Rittersberger

The MAE master’s programme at the MUK is aimed at outstanding artists of music and performing arts (instrumentalists, singers, actors, dancers and composers) who would like to develop skills in the fields of teaching and communication, based on their artistic studies.  

Artistic communication and participation

A multitude of social changes in the 21st century are necessitating the development of new forms of artistic teaching and communication. The rebalancing of teaching practice, art education and creative inspiration with and through art and the need for participation are fundamentally changing the requirements on teachers.
The means and methods which students should have in professional practice must be experienced by the teachers themselves – in their own artistic activities. The awareness of their own strengths, consciousness of self and the connected personal development are necessary to work successfully. Based on a high artistic quality, the MAE programme content is communicated in a practical manner, in direct connection and dialogue with the professional world.

Content of the central artistic subject (ZkF)

Tuition in the central artistic subject is in the form of group lessons. Students with different artistic backgrounds are familiarised with teaching methods from the fields of Body & Movement (1st semester), Drama (2nd semester) and Music (3rd semester). On the basis of these methods, they develop group artistic projects and learn to analyse and reflect on the creative and group dynamic processes that occur as a result. In the 4th semester, each student produces a master project within the context of the central artistic subject. This is used to check artistic, didactic and organisational skills. The master project is a participative information project, which is independently developed, executed and presented by the student in a self-formed group.

Complementary courses

The complementary courses are splint into the modules of Artistic Practice, Theoretic Principles of Art and Cultural Education, Practice of Art and Cultural Education, Science & Research and the Master’s examination. On one hand, the modules are closely connected with the ZkF module, while aiming to establish specialist teaching skills (for private and group lessons on the art) based on courses in the fields of teaching methodology, work shadowing and teaching practice. Personal focuses can be selected as part of elective modules, in the fields of EMP and ELEMU among others.


The many challenges of art and cultural education are the starting point for developing questions, from which result research projects on new models and methods.

Study objective

The MAE programme aims to establish and link the following skills:

  • artistic competence
  • methodical and didactic competence
  • theory-building, discursive competence

The prerequisites for this are:
Autonomy — self-reflection — ability to work in a team — empathy — socio-political responsibility

MAE graduates work in a variety of professional fields. They are characterised by contemporary, interdisciplinary and project-related work methods and can develop and manage a variety of artistic processes.

Organisation of studies

The programme is designed as a four-semester, interdisciplinary and research-led full-time programme. The modular syllabus allows students to set their own priorities and specialisms.

Master’s programme Master of Arts Education (MAE)
Duration: 4 semesters                       
Degree: Master of Arts
No age limit

Curriculum MAE
Syllabus MAE (in German)

Contact information

Univ.-Prof. Nikolaus Selimov
Bräunerstrasse 5, 1010 Vienna
4th floor | Room 4.30
Phone: +43 1 512 77 47-540
Mobile: +43 676 541 24 23

Univ.-Prof. Andrea Rittersberger
Mobile: +43 664 60647 544

Administrative assistance MAE
Anikó Horváth
Bräunerstraße 5, 1010 Vienna
4th floor | Room 4.25
Phone: +43 1 512 77 47-542
Mobile: +43 664 606 47 542


Info on the study programme

PDF info sheet (DE/EN)

Info folder MAE (DE)

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