Contract of admission

As part of the degree course registration, the MUK concludes a contract of admission with each student, detailing the legal relationship between the university and the student in full/documenting the mutual rights and obligations of the university and student. The conditions include those concerning the determination of the start of the degree, the name of the study program and degree, the consequences of breaching the contract, the reasons for terminating the contract and the conditions about copyright and usufructuary rights for any work which the student creates during their studies at the MUK. The university also confirms that it will send the student the relevant graduation documents upon successful completion of all stipulated academic achievements. The student is also obligated to comply with good academic practice and to complete his/her degree course in a determined manner. Conditions about complying with the building and fire protection code and the user regulations for the library are also noted next to the name of the court which will have jurisdiction over disputes.