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Composition Competition Competence Centre Film | Film Music

The competition is for the composition of the music for the graduation film of the MUK drama study programme 2023.

The feature film has a length of approx. 40 minutes. It will be shown as part of the MUK film screening Film ab! at the beginning of July 2023 in the Austrian Film Museum Vienna and subsequently submitted to international competitions (primarily in German-speaking countries).

All MUK students are eligible to participate. Participation as a composition team is welcome, in which case at least 50% of the team must consist of MUK students.

In "Phase 1", three scenes from past graduation films will be made available to be re-scored. Please compose music for all three film clips. You are free to have the music cut in and out at points that suit you - the film clips do not have to have music throughout. The style of the music can be chosen freely, the instrumentation should be designed for a small ensemble with a maximum of three musicians. Purely electronic music is also possible. A live accompaniment to the final film is not planned.

The three film clips to be set to music can be found here.
Please submit your compositions for the film clips as wave files. In this "Phase 1", MIDI demos or work with samples as placeholders for acoustic instruments are also possible.

From the submissions, members of the MUK's Film | Film Music Competence Centre will select the most suitable together with the director's team of the final film.

In "Phase 2", the music for the new graduation film will then be created. The filming will take place in spring 2023. Collaboration with the directing team in the development of the music is explicitly encouraged.

For the recording of the film music, support in recording and mixing by the Kompetenzzentrum Film | Filmmusik is also possible. In general, only instruments that can be provided at the MUK or organised by the composers themselves should be used. Participating composers and musicians will be credited with 2 ECTS points in the elective subject area.

Submission deadline "Phase 1": 31 October 2022


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