The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna provides the tool MUKmoodle to support distance learning.

MUKmoodle is a Moodle platform. Moodle provides virtual lecture rooms. In these rooms, working materials and learning activities are provided by teachers for students.

Of course, students can also use MUKmoodle to communicate documents, audio or video files, etc. to teachers, but they can also make them available to other students in the same MUKmoodle course.

Log in to MUKmoodle with your active MUK account at

Example employees:
Example students

Instructions on how to use MUKmoodle can be found here or in the download area on the right.
The instructions are also available in our MUKmoodle tutorial course, which you can enrol in yourself, at
In the tutorial course you will also find a forum maintained by MUK-IT where you can ask questions about MUKmoodle.

Information for lecturers

If you want to use MUKmoodle, please send an email to Please let us know which course* you would like to transfer to MUKmoodle.
Students are to be registered with the MUKmoodle course by the teachers themselves.

Two examples of a request for course transfer (semester; course number; course title):
21W; 123.456; Meine 1. Lehrveranstaltung
22S; 456.123; Meine 2. Lehrveranstaltung

Technical information

To use MUKmoodle we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser.


PDF-Guidline: MUKmoodle (in German only)