The MUK provides its members (students and staff) with a mailbox.
The official mail traffic of the MUK takes place exclusively via MUKmail.

How do I get/activate my MUKmail account?

When you activate your MUKaccount via MUKonline, your MUKmail account will also be created automatically.

What functions does my MUKmail account offer?

Your MUKmail account gives you an overview of all incoming and sent e-mail messages. The MUKmail account also has a calendar function and personal management (contacts).

Forwarding e-mails from the MUKmail account to my private e-mail account

Forwarding e-mails from your MUKmail account to a private e-mail account is technically possible. However, we strongly advise against this for the following reasons:

  1. Creation of a loop (endless loop)
    If the private e-mail account cannot be reached during active forwarding — for whatever reason — a system message will be sent back. This would immediately be sent back to the private e-mail account by the forwarding. A loop is created. Such a loop would massively affect the email server — and thus the rest of the MUK's email traffic.
  2. When replying to a forwarded e-mail, you reply with your private e-mail address. However, the MUK's official e-mail traffic takes place exclusively via MUKmail. This is also not permitted for data security reasons!
  3. When e-mails are forwarded, they are merely “forwarded”. I.e. that the e-mails continue to remain in your MUKmail account. This means that the storage capacity of your MUKmail account will become smaller and smaller. As soon as it is full, no more e-mails can be received.

For the reasons mentioned previously, setting up a forwarding is also not supported by MUK-IT.

What can I do instead of forwarding emails from my MUKmail account?

  1. Set up in an email program
    You can set up your MUKmail account in any standard email program (e.g. MS Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) directly on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or standalone computer.

    To do this, you will need the following information:
    Account type, user name and password of your MUKaccount

    Account type:
    MUKmail accounts are Exchange accounts. Therefore, depending on your e-mail program, choose one of the following account types: Exchange or MS Exchange Active Sync

    User name:
    Students: Matriculation number email address (ex.
    Staff members: Email address (ex.

    Enter the password of your MUKaccount here.
  2. Accessing my MUKmail account online
    With the help of a browser (e.g. Google Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, etc.), you can access your e-mails from any device with network access via the address

My MUKmail account is full. What can/should I do?

Delete e-mails in the “Inbox” and “Sent items folder” that are no longer needed.
Important: Be sure to empty the recycle bin of your MUKmail account as well. Only then will emails be deleted and the memory freed up for new incoming emails.

I have forgotten my MUKmail password. What can/must I do?

You can reset the password of your MUKaccount at any time via MUKonline.
You can find instructions on how to reset it here.