Job & Career at the MUK

With its focus on jobs and careers, the MUK supports the successful positioning of its students and graduates in the arts and culture sector and the creative industries.
Many only ask themselves questions about starting up a business and securing their livelihood after graduating, as these were not central topics at the beginning of (or even during) a degree course. For this reason, the MUK supports its students at the interface between studies and career.
For orientation purposes, career-relevant content is presented here to support a successful start to professional life. The focus is on the bundling and contextualisation of useful career-relevant offers and information for artists as well as references to external support and further education offers and competition opportunities and an overview of job portals for artists.
Personal support and direct mediation by supervising professors as well as institutional cooperation are the most effective tools for promoting young career paths at the MUK.
The ratio of students to teachers at the MUK is exceptional: there is one teacher for every three students, which means that teachers and talented young artists work closely together for years during their studies. Students are often introduced to the professional networks of the teachers. Professional cooperation between teachers and students at the MUK beyond the university is desired and is subject to the MUK's internal compliance regulations during the course of study. Many of the successes resulting from this (among other artistic successes of students and teachers) can be read about on the website under Career Paths.


Tip: The current empirical study Music Music Career Check — Berufsbilder und Kompetenzen by the Universität für Weiterbildung Krems in cooperation with mica — music austria deals with the know-how required by artists for their professional practice on the music market. he project report can be read here.