Processes of quality assurance

The MUK ensures the systematic collection of information in the core processes (quality in studies and teaching, quality in research and artistic research), in internal and external quality assurance and under continuous monitoring through the support processes. The private university has standardized instruments and procedures at its disposal for this purpose.

The MUK uses the information from its quality management system regularly and systematically for quality assurance in teaching and learning as well as research and artistic research by means of its quality management procedures.

Core processes

The two core processes, quality in studies and teaching and quality in academic research and artistic research, are the central areas of quality assurance at the private university, which operate at three different levels with the involvement of the Director of Studies and the Senate.

They are each divided into three parts:

 Quality centre refers to the respective central interface of QA.
 Quality office designates the position responsible in the respective area.
 Quality focus refers to a defined, central area of the respective QA.

Core process quality in studies and teaching

Development and advancement of the study system, securing artistic excellence

  Quality Central Study and Research Commission (StuFoKo)
  Quality Authority Head of Study Programme
  Quality focus teaching evaluation

Core process quality in scientific and artistic research

Development and further development of research and artistic research, ensuring good scientific and artistic-scientific practice

  Quality Center for Science and Research (ZWF)
  Quality Authority Vice-Rectorate
  Quality focus good scientific or artistic-scientific practice