Quality assurance through leadership

The management of the MUK develops the profile and strategy of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna according to the guiding principles of its statutes. The strategic planning of the MUK is manifested in its mission statement and development plan. In the course of developing the MUK, strategic potential is identified in order to pursue visions that go beyond current planning.

The MUK management operates its human resources management based on the tasks and principles laid down in the Articles of Association. Requirements planning, job advertisements and personnel development follow the standards set in the corporate strategy.

The MUK management is responsible for sustainable financial planning and financial management for the implementation of university projects. The granting of a long-term financing agreement by the city of Vienna guarantees the independence of the MUK. The MUK financial management is secured by an internal control system as well as a group-wide control system. As a publicly funded institution, the MUK is also subject to the control of the audit offices of the city and federal government.

The information and communication tasks of the management include regular involvement of shareholders and stakeholders, continuous cultivation of external relations and cooperation as well as an internal communication system that ensures the flow of information at the private university.

The MUK management ensures that the private university is able to meet the requirements to be fulfilled. This is achieved through internal structures as well as through partners who provide outsourced services.

Management control loop:
PLAN      Planning and development of the university's goals
DO          Implementation of development and further development measures
CHECK   Control of the measures taken
ACT         Improvement in the sense of the continuous improvement process