The Senate has a three-year term of office and, in accordance with the election regulations, consists of six university professors, two representatives of the lecturers, two representatives of the administration and two students who are delegated by the university representatives. It is responsible, among other things, for the proposal for the appointment of half of the members of the University Council, the preparation of a three-member proposal for the election of the Rector, the appointment of the Women's Representative, the Disability Representative and the Ombudsperson on the proposal of the Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues, and the statement on the implementation and dissolution of study programmes, courses and competence centres.

The tasks of the University Council are regulated in the MUK Articles of association.

Term of office: 14 February 2023 – 13 February 2026

Beata Bauder (Category: Lecturers)

Deputy chairperson
Sandra Jost (Category: Professors)

Roland Batik (Category: Lecturers)
Peter Königseder (Category: Administrative staff)
Margit Legler (Category: Professors)
Wiebke Rademacher (Category: Professors)
Stefan Schmidl (Category: Professors)
Thomas Schowald (Category: Administrative staff)
Klaus Sticken (Category: Professors)
Andreas Stoehr (Category: Professors)

Students' representatives 
Iulia Moldovan
Sarina Monika Wagner