Certificate of Performance

Certification course at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

for conductors, composers, instrumentalists and singers

Duration: 2 semesters
Degree: Certificate
Costs: see tuition fees


Aims of the training

For musicians, continual further development of artistic skills and intensification of their own artistic personality is a basic requirement in order to tackle the ever changing challenges of the world of concerts and stage.

The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna offers highly-qualified and tailored training for musicians, who want to acquire appropriate additional qualifications in the form of this Certificate of Performance certification course.

This course is primarily aimed at graduates of music academies and conservatoires , who want to develop their artistic competences or further specialise.

The individual requirements and objectives of the course participants are the central starting point, which are discussed and agreed with the lecturer. This guarantees focussed teaching and learning success.  
Examples of the individual objectives of course participants include:

- Further development of instrumental / vocal skills
- Expanding and deepening knowledge of styles and literature (repertoire work)
- Preparation for orchestra auditions / audition training
- Preparation and participation in competitions
- Stage presence
- Performance coaching
- Sharpening and strengthening of one’s own artistic personality
- Gaining concert experience

The admission exam can be done directly on site in Vienna or by submitting respective application videos and serves to determine applicants’. You can obtain detailed information here.

Professional and personal qualification after completing the course

After successfully completing all the courses and fulfilling the necessary workload, graduates receive a certificate of completion in German and English.

The personalised objectives of this course make it possible for course participants to focus on their artistic development process, expanding on and specialising in the relevant skills. As a result, graduates receive crucial additional qualifications which enable them to be more successful in the professional world.

Lecturers CoP

All lecturers are available for the Certificate of Performance programme!