The master’s programme Opera deals with capturing and maintaining the art form of opera and its traditions, while appreciating and testing contemporary developments of music theatre.
Intensive development of music and musical drama and the public presentation of personal solo repertoires, ensembles at variety evenings and whole operatic productions in a variety of formats and with different directors follows the studying of primary and secondary sources, from which stylistic vigilance and skill are developed.

A main emphasis of the programme is given to the German-language and specifically Viennese-Austrian repertoire, from Mozart to classic operetta.

Master’s programme Opera
Duration: 4 semesters                                              
Degree: Master of Arts
No age limit

Curriculum MA Opera
Syllabus MA Opera  (in German)


Certificate of Performance (CoP) Opera
Duration: 2 semesters                                              
Degree: Certifikate
No age limit

Syllabus CoP Opera