Information for external supervisors

Doctoral students are responsible for choosing their own supervisors. You can request a person from outside the MUK as one of the two supervisors (artistic or scientific). The requested supervisor should note their consent in the form of a supervision agreement using the Supervision Agreement form. For the selection process by the doctoral committee, the requested supervisors should also prepare statements for submission directly to the Head of the Doctoral Programme. The effective appointment of an external supervisor is made by the Vice Chancellor for Research based on the proposal of the respective doctoral student according to the submitted supervision agreement. A quality assurance meeting with the doctoral supervisor to clarify the expected tasks will be held before appointment. External supervisors must meet the same qualification criteria as internal supervisors. This means, they must

  • have a post-doctorate qualification or post-doctorate equivalent qualification
  • have substantial research experience (publications, lectures, third-party funding, etc.)
  • have proven expertise in the research area of the intended dissertation

External supervisors should sign the doctorate supervision agreement. Supervision by external supervisors can take place in person, by telephone or online; a binding agreement must be made between the doctoral student and the supervisor. The MUK doctoral programme encourages doctoral students to seek regular contact with external supervisors and provide relevant materials for listening/viewing/reading.
The external supervisors are also welcome to participate, either in person or online, in the colloquium, which takes place in blocks every second semester. It is expected that external supervisors participate in at least one presentation of the doctoral student they supervise during the standard three-year period of study. If necessary, the MUK will cover travel and accommodation costs. In addition, doctoral students are expected to use the Erasmus programme for one-to-one supervision (Privatissimum) at the institution of their external supervisor or for participation in the colloquium of their external supervisor. The MUK will cover travel and accommodation costs for the final viva (Rigorosum), in which both supervisors are required to participate.