About the Faculty of Performing Arts

The Faculty of Performing Arts comprises the four degree programmes Voice and Opera, Musical Theatre, Drama and Dance. In line with the MUK mission statement, the university structure of the faculty enables the heads of the study programmes to organise teaching and art development as well as science and research, mediation and participation in an interdisciplinary manner. In recent years, a more intensive exchange between the individual study programmes of the Faculty of Performing Arts has been observed: In the joint study and research commission, both the concerns of the individual study programmes and the overall development of the faculty are discussed and communicated to colleagues at the regular faculty conference. This intensifies the exchange of information on programme objectives, research projects and artistic projects and creates the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary projects, such as the KreativLab.

In line with the university approach to art studies, the Faculty of Performing Arts attaches great importance to the academic exploration of the arts. The formation of theory and the ability to engage in discourse are just as much an integral part of a high-quality artistic education as practical relevance and an examination of the constantly changing professional profile of performing artists. Socially relevant topics are discussed in a lively process and social diversity is also reflected in the diversity of the students.

The heads of the study programmes consistently pursue the networking of the Faculty of Performing Arts with the important art and cultural institutions within the city of Vienna and throughout Austria. International positioning is an important part of the MUK's self-image.

Faculty of Performing Art – Contact information

Bräunerstrasse 5, 1010 Vienna
2nd floor | Room BRA 2.36

Tel.: +43 1 512 77 47 - 532
Mobile: +43 664 606 47 532

Mag. Sibylle Singer (currently on a leave of absence)
Email: s.singer@muk.ac.at