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  Study programme coordinator: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Arno Steinwider
  Vice study programme coordinator: Univ.-Prof. Andrea Rittersberger

The Bachelor's programme in Music Education – Voice and Instruments (IGP) offers students highly qualified musical as well as educational and scientifically oriented vocational preparation for their chosen instruments.

The programme is aimed at musicians from a wide variety of musical and stylistic genres. The resulting interdisciplinary environment for studying enables students to prepare comprehensively for the current requirements of the professional fields in which they wish to work.

Graduates of the programme will receive a generally recognised teaching qualification and can then work in the following professional fields: education in music schools, in cooperation with general schools, at universities, colleges and other post-secondary or tertiary educational institutions, as well as teaching on a freelance basis.

The IGP Bachelor’s programme includes musical, educational, scientific and practical fields of study. It aims to teach the following skills:

  • teaching to be a concert musician with a musical role model function
  • skill in planning, organising, monitoring and evaluating learning and teaching situations
  • musical-educational methods for the development of pupils’ musical potential
  • teaching and communication skills (creation of cooperative and collaborative learning environments, taking cognitive, physical, social and musical development into account)
  • self-reflection and self-evaluation for ongoing further development and training
  • management training
  • promotion of creative processes in the overall social context

The training which we provide regarding these goals will enable students to develop their individual musical-educational potential with a close connection between theory and practice. The practical professional lessons take place in cooperation with the Music Schools of the City of Vienna (Musikschulen der Stadt Wien).

Music education: Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Wiebke Rademacher

Bachelor’s programme Music Education - Voice and Instruments (IGP)
Duration: 8 Semester                         
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 17

Syllabus (in German) IGP