Working Group for Equal Opportunities

The role of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities is to counteract discrimination based on gender, disability and ethnic affiliation, religion or ideology, age or sexual orientation, and to provide advice and support in these matters to members and organs of the private university. Furthermore, the Working Group has developed a support plan for women, working towards a balanced ratio of the men and women employed by the private university. The Working Group also develops proposals for measures to support university members and students with disabilities.

The Working Group for Equal Opportunities consists of two lecturers, a colleague from the administrative department and two student representatives. The term of office is generally 3 years. Members are elected from the entirety of colleagues according to the electoral regulations anchored in the articles of association. The students are appointed annually by the Students' Representative Council. The members of the Working Group are not bound by any instructions or directions when exercising their function. They must not be hindered in exercising their powers and must not be disadvantaged in their professional advancement due to this activity. Instead, they should be supported by all organs of the university within the means at their disposal. The members of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities are bound by a duty of confidentiality and oversee the problems brought to them with full reserve of discretion and confidentiality (consultation, information and support). The Working Group also has the right to appoint a member to participate without voting rights in all appointment and evaluation proceedings.

If the Working Group for Equal Opportunities has justified reason to assume discrimination, it must pursue the matter and inform the vice-chancellor’s office and the Senate where applicable. This sets the Working Group apart from the Works Council, which represents employees of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna vis-à-vis the management and provides advice and information in matters of employment and social legislation.

The tasks of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities are regulated in the MUK Articles of association.


Members and accessibility

Terms of office: 15. Februar 2023 – 14. Februar 2026

Rosa Eidelpes (

Carsten Lorenz (
Deputy Chairman and Disability Officer

Audrey Van Herck (
Women’s Representative

Elisabeth Pester (
Student member
Ombudsperson to receive complaints and notices regarding sexual harassment

Steffi Krautz-Held (
Co-opted member

Sascha Becker (
Co-opted member