Quality assurance through support

The areas of organisation, administration and human resources support the achievement of the university's overall goals through their operative activities, within the scope of their area of responsibility.

A central task is the administration of the private university's resources, which also includes the maintenance of the infrastructure. This area mainly comprises the ongoing work in accounting/controlling, personnel administration, facility management, IT systems, instrument administration and maintenance, procurement, event management, room administration.

Services are provided for studies and teaching, research and artistic research as well as for management, internal and external quality assurance. These services are ensured by means of databases, library and media library (physical and streaming), accounting/cashier and archives.

The fulfilment of the tasks in support goes hand in hand with the collection of internal data used for quality assurance (applications and admission rates, incoming and outgoing applications, degrees, cooperation lists, event data, etc.).

Public relations supports the internal and external communication and presentation of MUK and its events.

The MUK provides service documents and service tools to implement the tasks of the supporting activities.

Quality management and organization manual (presentation of the process organization, guidelines for compliance, responsibilities and description of internal processes)

Notices of resolutions

Video tutorials (e.g. for the evaluation of courses)

Rider (e.g. for handling the performance database)

Forms (concerning transfer of lessons, additional services, data collection sheets, applications, costume hire, routing slips)

Templates (e.g. programme notes, letters, minutes)

Information sheets (e.g. for the forwarding of MUK e-mails or specifications of examination contents)

E-mail reminder system (e.g. for LV evaluation)

Provisions on the lending of instruments

Calendar of events and project overview

Consultations of the administration

Website and MUKonline

The fulfilment of these tasks follows the quality assurance PDCA cycle.

PLAN     Determine and plan resources and support requirements
DO         Transmitting demand satisfaction and accompanying processing
CHECK   Review of measures and implementation
ACT        Improving and documenting support measures