After the entrance examination

Important information about the results of the entrance examination:

All applicants will receive an e-mail with the result of the entrance exam as soon as the rectorate has confrimed the results.

A successful entrance examination does not mean that a university place will be awarded. You will receive a fixed university place if an allocation to a teacher has been made.

Applicants who have received an official acceptance of a study place must confirm the assigned study place within the specified period, otherwise the study place confirmation expires.

Waiting list:

The waiting list means that you have passed the entrance examination but have not received a university place.

If a place of study becomes available, the candidates on the waiting list will be informed immediately by the Student Affairs Office. The waiting list remains valid until the end of the general registration period of the following semester.

All accepted applicants (fixed university place) will receive a detailed e-mail relating to the registration process.


If you need a student visa for your stay in Austria, you can receive a confirmation of admission at the Student Affairs Office (
Please apply for your visa immediately – if you received a place of study – because the procedure can take up to 6 month!

You can find more information about your visa at: Information for visas


We ask that any applicants who receive a fixed university place but do not want to accept it inform the Student Affairs Office immediately. This allows us to notify your fellow applicants on the waiting list in good time.