Counselling for students

At the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK), we are fully committed to providing our students with advice and service. Doctoral students have access to a comprehensive range of services for programme-specific, academic, study-related organisational, and psychosocial advice and support, as well as the Austrian Students’ Association (ÖH).

The Doctoral Programme Office provides ongoing programme-specific advice and acts as an interface with other counselling services.

Centre for Science and Research (ZWF)

Zentrum für Wissenschaft und Forschung (ZWF — Centre for Science and Research)
The ZWF is the central organisational unit for doctoral students and the competence centre for science and research at the MUK. In order to support doctoral students in their studies to the best extent possible, these students have open access to everything the ZWF has to offer (jour fixe, workshops, research service, guest lectures, research newsletter, Long Night of Research event, etc.).
Centre for Science and Research (ZWF)

Research Service

The Research Service (Forschungsservice) of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna is integrated into the ZWF and acts as an interface to national and international funding bodies and other research institutes. Doctoral students can take advantage of everything the Research Service has to offer. This includes participation in workshops, information and advice on specific funding programmes, information on current calls for proposals, the research newsletter and, above all, personal advice for third-party funding applications.
Research Service

Library and Media Library

The library ensures that doctoral students can find all the literature they require. The library's own very specific inventory, which is adapted to the needs of research and teaching, is supplemented and complemented by cooperations with other libraries, interlibrary loans and document delivery services. As a teaching library, the library regularly offers training courses and workshops for its users.
 Library and Media Library

Student Affairs Office/International Study Programmes

The Student Affairs Office (Studienreferat) is the central service facility for providing advice and support to prospective students, applicants, students and graduates. Among its tasks, this Department manages study information, administration and organisation as well as commission-led examinations. In addition to study-related questions and topics, the Student Affairs Office also supports applicants and students with answers to other questions about their studies, such as financial matters (e.g. scholarships), housing (e.g. student accommodation) and visa-related questions and problems. The Student Affairs Office also houses the International Study Programme department as well as the Erasmus management and administration team. We provide our doctoral students with extensive information about their options to study overseas and applications can be made on the spot in the Student Affairs Office.
 Student Affairs Office

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for the design and production of various printed materials as well as for the creation of programmes, and offers information and assistance in this area. This department can also provide students with support on questions pertaining to public relations and the promotion of (their own) events.
 Marketing and Communications

Event Management

Event Management is responsible for the overall annual scheduling of MUK events. Students receive support here when events are part of their education. The staff can help with organisational and technical questions as well as providing technical equipment. The Event Management team also supervises instrument rental.
 Event Management

Psychosocial Counselling and Support for Students

You are strongly encouraged to address, rather than conceal, any mental health problems that arise during your studies, as well as any specific professional and social problems or other challenges you are facing. Within the university, support for socio-psychological matters is provided in particular by the Working Group for Equal Opportunities and the Students’ Representative Council (ÖH).
The Psychological Student Counselling Service can also provide help as a third-party, professional partner institution. This organisation provides free psychological and psychotherapeutic services.
In addition, the Ombudsman's office of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is available to students ( This office is an advisory and information service and seeks to find solutions in consultation with the institutions involved.
More information about this advisory service can be found on the MUK website:
 Working Group for Equal Opportunities
 Psychosocial Student Counselling

Students’ Representative Council (ÖH)

The Students’ Representative Council is an important advisory body and service point for MUK students, offering a wide range of information and support services. Through its membership on MUK committees, the Students’ Representative Council is actively involved in and can initiate all programme-specific decisions.
More information on the Students’ Representative Council can be found here.


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