The study programme provides training on all aspects of composition, engagement with periods and the development of each student’s creative abilities. A substantiated ability to organise and realise compositions is conveyed on both an artistic and technical level. This particularly includes mastering how to deal with all areas of music (vocal, instrument, electronic, multimedia), reflection and ability to take criticism about one’s own artistic work and engaging with other art forms (visual arts, literature, dance).


Bachelor’s programme Composition
Duration: 6 semesters                                              
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum Age: 17
Recommended maximum age: 30

Curriculum BA Composition
Syllabus BA Composition (in German)


Master’s programme Composition
Duration: 4 semesters                                              
Degree: Master of Arts
No age limit

Curriculum MA Composition
Syllabus MA Composition (in German)


Certificate of Performance (CoP) Composition
Duration: 2 semesters                                              
Degree: Certificate
No age limit

Syllabus CoP Composition