The MUKcard is issued to all relatives (students and employees) of MUK at the cash desk upon presentation of an official photo ID (e.g. driving licence). It entitles the holder to use the services and resources offered at the MUK in accordance with the MUKcard guidlines.

What can the MUKcard do?

  • Student ID card (e.g. for the semester ticket of Wr. Linien)
  • ID card for employees
  • Library card
  • MUKprint (copying, printing, scanning and mailing on MUK multifunctional devices)
  • Mensa reduction for food and drinks on presentation of the MUKcard

Where can I get the MUKcard?

The MUKcard is issued exclusively at the MUK ticket office (1010 Vienna, Johannesgasse 4a/3rd floor/room 3.17) and can therefore only be collected in person.
Before you have the card issued, please check your personal data on MUKonline, as these are partly used on the MUKcard. You can also upload your desired photo for use on the MUKcard on MUKonline. If you do not have a suitable photo, you can have one taken at the cashier's desk before the card is created. The cashier has a high-resolution camera and can upload the photo directly for the card issue.

How do I validate/renew the MUKcard? (only for students)

The MUKcard for students can be validated/extended in the validation station provided for this purpose. The validation terminal is a freely accessible card reader and card printer.
Validating the card means that a validity date is printed on the card, provided the conditions for this are met. If the conditions are not met, the card will be printed with the status „invalid“, in case of leave of absence with the status „on leave“.
If all conditions for a validity date are met, but the status „invalid“ or „on leave of absence“ is printed on the card, please contact the cashier directly or at

How can I load a credit for the use of the MUKprint service onto the MUKcard? (only for students)

To top up your MUKcard with a credit, please come to the cash desk with your card.
A credit balance can only be booked by the cashier.

What happens to my credit balance when I have finished my studies? (only for students)

The MUK does not repay any existing credit balances.
Upon completion of your studies, most EDP services (MUKonline, MUKmail, MUKmoodle, MS Office 365) of your MUKaccount are deactivated for 180 days.
This means that your MUKaccount is still available but you can no longer use the IT services (except MUKprint).
After the 180 days have expired, your MUK account will be permanently deleted unless your studies have been extended.
If you do not use up your remaining credit within the 180 days, it will expire.

MUKcard and data protection

Great importance is attached to data protection and data security. No personal data is stored on the chip in the MUKcard. The chip only has a MIFARE-ID which is bound to a MUK account.
The MUKcard serves primarily as an interface to databases which are required in the background for the respective IT services.
The MUKcard is NOT a data carrier.

MUKcard guidelines (in German only)