Course evaluation NEW

The present questionnaires for the uniform and general evaluation of courses and degree programmes were developed within the framework of the MUK's quality assurance and will be used in the summer semester 2023 (initially in pilot projects).

The further development of the course and degree programme evaluation was carried out in accordance with PrivH-AkkVO 2021, using measures of internal and external quality assurance and corresponds to the standardised specifications of the MUK for participative quality assurance.

The questionnaires for course evaluation and programme evaluation were prepared by the working group Course Evaluation & Programme Evaluation, in which students and lecturers from both faculties and the ZWF were represented.

The questionnaires were developed and agreed upon with the participation of the following areas, committees and organs of the MUK: Quality Team, Working Group for Equal Opportunities Evaluations, Works Council, Study and Research Commissions, Rectorate, Senate

The criteria for the development of questions resulted from external guidelines (such as the recommendations of the Austrian University Conference) and internal objectives of the MUK (course description, requirements of the working group) as well as international best practice examples.

The following MUK internal guidelines were taken into account in the development of the course and programme evaluation: Statutes; Framework Agreement for Lecturers; Works Agreement on the Evaluation of Courses and Study Programmes; Code of Conduct as well as Teaching Code for the Prevention of Harassment.

Questionnaires tailored to special needs can be additionally developed by the responsible persons together with the MUK quality team.