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The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna offers training courses and a bachelor's and master's programme each for profession-specific training and further education:

Profession specific study programmes at the MUK

Course-specific and interdisciplinary courses

Within the artistic studies, the MUK also offers its students subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses for the acquisition of complementary skills for professional practice. The MUK curricula are structured in such a way that there is the best possible integration into the city's art and culture scene already during the study period. In addition to numerous performance opportunities within the study programmes, there are numerous cooperations with local institutions.
Students are also encouraged to choose courses from the MUK's range of courses that support them in facing the professional challenges of the art and culture business that exist beyond artistic excellence and expressiveness.

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Music Education — Voice and Instruments (IGP)

The Bachelor's degree programme Music Education – Voice and Instruments (IGP) offers students highly qualified artistic as well as pedagogically and scientifically oriented career preparation in the respective arts. The programme is aimed at musicians from a wide range of artistic and stylistic genres. The resulting interdisciplinary study environment enables comprehensive preparation for the current requirements in the aspired professional fields.

Certificate of Performance (CoP)

Continuous further development of artistic skills and the sharpening of one's own artistic personality is a basic requirement for musicians in order to be able to meet the constantly changing challenges of the concert and stage world. With this Certificate of Performance, the Musik and Arts University of the City of Vienna offers a highly qualified and tailor-made further education programme for musicians who wish to acquire additional qualifications.

Master of Arts Education (MAE)

The Master of Arts Education (MAE) programme at the MUK is aimed at outstanding artists in music and the performing arts (instrumentalists, singers, actors, dancers and composers) who, based on their respective artistic studies, wish to develop competences in the areas of pedagogy and education.

Certificate of Ensemble Playing Programme

With the Certificate of Ensemble Playing programme, the Musik and Arts University of the City of Vienna offers highly qualified and tailor-made further training for existing ensembles of various genres.
During the programme, participants develop their artistic skills in the field of ensemble playing and acquire additional qualifications that are necessary for an ensemble in its artistic and professional development.

Academic Diploma Programme Classical Operetta

The Academic Diploma Programme Classical Operetta is dedicated to the cultivation and further development of the art form of operetta as an „Austrian-Central European Gesamtkunstwerk“ in theory and practice, based on research into primary sources on the one hand and knowledge of contemporary music theatre on the other: a personal solo and ensemble repertoire is developed musically, scenically and choreographically. In addition, the programme is also dedicated to various research foci.