German proficiency

Tuition at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna is provided in German.

The range of courses at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna is aimed at highly talented musicians and performing artists from all over the world. Although the atmosphere at the MUK has a very international character, tuition is still mainly provided in German.
To ensure that students can follow tuition without any problems, sufficient mastery of the German language is an important criterion of admission for aspiring students.

Proficiency in German for applicants whose native language is not German

It is not necessary to have a German certificate in order to apply for the entrance exam of your choice.

The proof of German proficiency on level B1 is needed at enrolment for a degree programme.

EXCEPTION: For Music Education - Voice and Instruments (IGP) a proof of German proficiency on level B2 is needed.

In special cases admission is possible with German proficiency of at least level A2 (for IGP B1). By the end of the 2. semester, at the latest, a proof of German knowledge at level B1 (for IGP B2) is needed, otherwise a continuation of the degree programme is not possible.

The MUK accepts certificates from officially recognized language schools (OSD certified) like “Goethe-Institut”.

No German language certificate is needed, if the non-native speaker has graduated from an Austrian or German high school, or has an academic degree from a German-speaking university.

For further information see info sheet.

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