Classical Operetta (Academic diploma programme)

The academic diploma programme Classic Operetta addresses the cultivation and further development of the art form operetta as a “complete Austrian and Central European art” in theory and practice, based on the research of primary sources and an understanding of contemporary musical theatre: A personal solo and ensemble repertoire will be developed, in terms of musicality, theatrical setting and choreography. The course also has a number of other focuses. The results of the artistic and academic work are presented each semester as part of the Podium Operette series of events.
Once a year, a complete operetta with orchestra and scenery is devised and produced.
The research of the academic diploma programme Classic Operetta is coordinated with the Centre for Science and Research (ZWF) of the MUK.

This programme makes the MUK the only institution in the world which is dedicated and focused “by name” to the cultivation of the operetta in teaching and research.

Academic diploma programme Classical Operetta
Duration: 2 semesters
Degree: Lehrgangsprüfung
Minimum age: 18                                                                    
No age limit  

Curriculum Classical Operetta
Syllabus Classical Operetta (in German)