It is a long time since one style of play or one form of theatre prevailed at theatres. Now, actors are faced with very complex challenges after graduation: One day, they might get a Shakespearean tragedy. The next, they might be involved in an educational theatre project. Then there are blocks of text to recite, classic comedy to play, period or modern spoken choirs, scenic and musical recitals, etc. In addition, the film industry is a an irreplaceable professional field of actors. Be it acting in front of the camera or as voice actors. All these formats require quite different basic knowledge and yet have one thing in common: the mastery of drama skills and achievement of the level of virtuoso in it.
This presents drama courses with the challenge of having to accommodate a massive amount of content in four years without restricting the diversity of methods and the freedom of teaching. This includes lessons in theatrics and movement, in speaking, music and the arts.

As well as training students for the stage, our range of courses has been expanded to include film: From the academic year, students regularly receive tuition in front of the camera and create a number of their own film projects during their studies.
From early on, the possibility of interdisciplinary creativity is highlighted: many projects complement the drama syllabus. In addition, students in the 2nd year and above have the chance to take to the stage as part of cooperation with Vienna’s theatres and to contribute to a number of film and cinema productions.

Bachelor's programme Drama
Duration: 8 semesters                                                        
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 17
Recommended maximum age: 25

Curriculum BA Drama
Syllabus BA Drama (in German)

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Henry V.

Excerpts from William Shakespeare's royal drama Henry V.
for children aged 6 and over

Author: Ignace Cornelissen
Director: Frank Panhans
With Florian Appelius, Anatol Käbisch,
Naemi Latzer, Maresi Riegner and Anna Woll

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