Song and Oratorio

In the first instance, the degree includes the stylistically differentiated interpretation of song and oratorio literature in a wide range of languages. Engagement with song analysis, text comprehension, poetics and recitation will be required.

The artistic tuition consists of a balanced relationship between individual lessons carried out by singing teachers and coaches as well as group lessons. Particular focus is given to encouraging communication strengths and the student’s own individuality with full utilisation of personal expressiveness.

Masters programme Song and Oratorio
Duration: 4 semesters                                              
Degree: Master of Arts
No age limit

Curriculum MA Song and Oratorio
Syllabus MA Song and Oratorio (in German)


Certificate of Performance (CoP) Song and Oratorio
Duration: 2 semesters                                              
Degree: Certifikate
No age limit

Syllabus CoP Song and Oratorio