The study programme Jazz-Piano imparts comprehensive technical and musical knowledge and skills, while at the same time promoting stylistic versatility and individual profile development of the students.

The Bachelor's programme is structured according to a unique concept. Thus, in the first four semesters, students receive the thorough training in the tradition and Straight Ahead Jazz, for the quality of which the study programme Jazz at the MUK has already been internationally renowned for many years. Building on this thorough training in the tradition of jazz, we encourage our students to discover and hone their individual and distinctive musical profile. In combination with the numerous ensemble programmes, the two big bands of the jazz programme, the numerous master classes and supplementary subjects, for example in the areas of music business, music technology and musicians' health, as well as regular concerts and studio productions, we provide our students with the foundations for a successful professional career.

In the Master's programme, students deepen their technical and musical skills, receive instruction in self- and project management and sharpen their artistic profile with a self-chosen specialisation topic and individual electives.

The Music Education – Voice and Instruments (IGP) programme combines comprehensive artistic training with the teaching of pedagogical teaching and communication skills. The development and testing of practical teaching skills is provided by the cooperating music schools of the City of Vienna as well as the supervision by MUK teachers and helps students to develop into capable teachers who act independently according to their own pedagogically valuable convictions.

Bachelor’s programme Jazz-Piano
Duration: 8 semesters                                              
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 17
Recommended maximum age: 24

Curriculum BA Jazz-Piano
Syllabus BA Jazz-Piano (in German)


Bachelor’s programme Jazz-Piano (IGP)
Duration: 8 semesters                                              
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 17
No age limit  

Curriculum BA Jazz-Piano (IGP) (in German)
Syllabus BA Jazz-Piano (IGP) (in German)


Master’s programme Jazz-Piano 
Duration: 4 semesters                                              
Degree: Master of Arts
No age limit

Curriculum MA Jazz-Piano
Syllabus MA Jazz-Piano (in German)


Certificate of Performance (CoP) Jazz-Piano
Duration: 2 semesters                                              
Degree: Certificate
No age limit

Syllabus CoP Jazz-Piano