The central concern is the holistic self-development of the students in terms of their craft and art. As part of group lessons, the ability to work in ensembles will be supported; multidisciplinary teaching of individuals and small groups will provide the technical basis for the prospective professions of actor, dancer and singer. The networking of these three requires a research focus in the field of organic interaction of body, voice and emotion. In collaboration with innovative authors and composers, new forms of music theatre will also be developed.

As well as the main subject of musical drama, complementary courses, such as voice, aural training, drama, elocution and improvisation are further focuses along with stage fencing, ballet, national dance, jazz and tap. The students’ own musical, revue and operetta productions are a fixed annual event in the syllabus, providing students with an insight into their future field of activity.

Bachelor’s programme Musical Theatre
Duration: 8 semesters                                              
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 16
Recommended maximum age: 25

Curriculum BA Musical Theatre (in German)
Syllabus BA Musical Theatre (in German)