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Entrance exams for the start of studies in winter semester 2021/22

Application deadline: Fri., 19.02.2021

Guidance Meeting for entrance exam & online application.
When: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Where: MS Teams Click here to join the meeting

Programme for the entrance exam

Bachelor's Programme

1st round: Video submission
(Submission until registration deadline)

2nd round: Tue., 06.04.2021- Thu., 08.04.2021
(Bräunerstraße 5, 1010 Vienna)

3rd round: Fri., 09.04.2021
(, Johannesgasse 4a, EG, 1010 Vienna)

Information about the entrance examination:

1. The candidate should prepare and bring along the following:

1.1 Artistic self-presentation (maximum 2 minutes)

For example:

  • A performance of a song
    (which could be one of the required three songs; see 1.2)
  • An originally-composed song or self-written monologue
  • A dance performance
  • An acting scene or monologue
  • A performance of a poem
  • A comedy number
  • A combination of any of these possibilities.

1.2 Programme for the artistic exams after the first round:

  • Three songs from the field of musical, operetta and chanson in contrasting characters (e.g. up-tempo, ballad, novelty, show number, etc.). Maximum of 2:30 minutes per song (they may be cut versions). At least two of these must be in German.
  • Two German-language monologues (at least one of them contemporary). Maximum 1:30 minutes per monologue.
  • A lyric text (written after 1920) in German. Maximum 1:30 minutes. (e.g. words of a song, a poem, etc.).

1.3 Musicality and dance tests after the first round (see schedule as well as sample test)

1.4 Dance clothes and dance shoes

All pieces are to be performed by memory.  Notes for the 2nd and 3rd round: All singing performances are to be accompanied by a MUK pianist. Musical scores are to be provided in the desired key and easily readable for the pianist. Any audio files (only MP3 format allowed) for dance performances must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office no later than two weeks before the examination (via e-mail or file hosting) and must also be brought directly to the examination (USB stick).

Upon successful completion of the entrance exam, a phoniatrics and / or ENT assessment as well as a medical and / or orthopedic examination report may be requested by the Head of Department within 6 weeks.

A list of appropriate medical specialists will be made available to the candidates after the entrance exam by the program director.

2. Selection process

The selection is made in three rounds. In 2021 the first round will take place exceptionally by video submission due to corona security measures.

The second round will take place in two parts in the presence of the jury:

On the 1st day dance and musicality test for all applicants.

On the 2nd and 3rd day artistic examination each with half of the applicants from the 1st day, with final jury decision which participantsare admitted to the 3rd round.

In the third round, the final selection of the applicants takes place on one to two days.

3. Procedure

Each applicant* submits three video recordings. Please submit Youtube links only!

1) Artistic self-presentation
2) One (second) song
3) A (second) monologue.

At the beginning of each recording, the candidate should introduce him/herself with his/her full name and the title of the piece.

During the video recordings, make sure that the candidate is clearly recognizable (no masks, sufficient light, etc.) and can be seen in a full body position (no close-ups).  The camera setting must not be changed during the recording.

Singing performances are possible with live piano accompaniment, for playback or a cappella. Apart from the répétiteur, no other performer(s) or musician(s) may be involved in the performance.  Recordings of stage performances are not permitted.

The recordings may neither be cut nor edited.


2nd round (Tuesday)

First part (beginning at 9:00 a.m.): Dance test and musicality test

  • Dance test: Ballet, jazz dance, choreography pick-up
  • Musicality test: Ear training, sight-singing, rhythm, movement, coordination, written theory test
    Example test

Second part (Wednesday first group and Thursday second group):

  • Artistic examination (song, monologue as requested by the commission)

Announcement of the candidates selected for the 3rd round will be emailed in the evening.

3rd round (Friday)

First part (beginning at 09.00 a.m.):

  • Scenic improvisation: Specifications by the commission
  • Voice test: Various exercises pertaining to range, register, technique, etc.
  • Speech test: Prepared lyric text (see point 1.2)
  • Examination of tap dance skills (no prior knowledge is required)

Second part:

  • Artistic examination (songs, monologues; selection by the commission)
  • Directly following, a short conversation pertaining to motivation and interests


Announcement of the final results.


Information required for all applicants

Schedule might be possibly altered even in the short term! Regarding that please look up this section of the website regularly. Thank you.

Applications for studying at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna can be submitted online at anytime; they will be reserved for the next admission period. Applications submitted after the application deadline can no longer be considered for the subsequent audition date.

ATTENTION: Please note that due to the current COVID19 situation, the application processes and entrance exams will take place in a modified form. For many studies, video submissions are provided which either replace or supplement the entrance examination on site. Please inform yourself in detail about the correct application process for your desired studies.


The MUK considers itself a progressive university of music and art that creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, acting and singing. The MUK is the only university owned by the City of Vienna and brings together the best international young talent and outstanding lecturers.



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