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Students Council (ÖH)

In Austria, there is legal representation of students’ interests with the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH). Since autumn 2014, all students of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna have been compulsory members and must pay a small contribution for this each semester.

Elections are held every two years. After a change in the law, students from schools of education, universities of applied sciences and private universities – including the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna – were allowed to vote for student representation, university representation and federal representation for the first time in spring 2015.

The student council has the task of ensuring the interests of all students vis-à-vis the teaching staff, management and school provider, among other things.

In case of questions, problems, requests or suggestions, please contact your elected representative or leave a message in our pigeon-hole with the doorman.


Chairperson of the Austrian National Union of Students of the MUK
Iulia Moldovan — i.moldovan@students.muk.ac.at

1st deputy chairperson
Sara Kowal — s.kowal@students.muk.ac.at

2nd deputy chairperson
Constantin Schöner — c.schoener@students.muk.ac.at

Iulia Moldovan — i.moldovan@students.muk.ac.at
Sara Kowal — s.kowal@students.muk.ac.at
Fiorentina Harasko — f.harasko@students.muk.ac.at
Sarina Wagner — s.wagner@students.muk.ac.at
Hannah Kordasch — h.kordasch@students.muk.ac.at
Magnus Jahr — m.jahr@students.muk.ac.at
Constantin Schöner — c.schoener@students.muk.ac.at

Moritz Reifner — m.reifner@students.muk.ac.at
Fiorentina Harasko — f.harasko@students.muk.ac.at
Linus Rastegar — r.rastegar@students.muk.ac.at
Franziska Geprägs — f.gepraegs@students.muk.ac.at
Stéphanie Evrard — s.evrard@students.muk.ac.at
Ljiljana Maljic — l.maljic@students.muk.ac.at

Faculty of Music

Spokespersons of the Faculty of Music
Fiorentina Harasko — f.harasko@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Jonas Kraft — j.kraft@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Iulia Moldovan — i.moldovan@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Keyboard Instruments, Conducting and Composition
Edwin Daniel Zuniga Flores — e.zuniga-flores@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Juan Ignacio Perea Carballo — j.perea-carballo@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Tamilla Kurmangaliyeva — t.kurmangaliyeva@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons String Instruments
Fiorentina Harasko — f.harasko@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Constantin Schöner — c.schoener@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Iulia Moldovan — i.moldovan@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Wind and Percussion Instruments
Jonas Kraft — j.kraft@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Samuel Eder — s.eder@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Linus Rastegar — r.rastegar@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Jazz
N. N. (Chairperson)
N. N. (1st Dep.)
N. N. (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Early Music
Phyllis Breit — p.breit@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Hannah Pichler — h.pichler@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Petra Szovak — p.szovak@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Faculty of Performing Arts

Spokespersons of the Faculty of Performing Arts
N. N. (Chairperson)
N. N. (1st Dep.)
N. N. (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Voice and Opera
Albane Liger-Belair — a.bocquillon-liger-belair@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
N. N. (1st Dep.)
N. N. (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Musical Theatre
Franziska Geprägs — f.gepraegs@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Ayaka Koshida — e.koshida@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Marcel Rathner — ma.rathner@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Drama
Minou Mehdizadeh Baghbani — m.baghbani@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
N. N. (1st Dep.)
N. N. (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons Dance
Hannah Kordasch — h.kordasch@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Jana Würleitner — ja.wuerleitner@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Andreas Schmid-Kietreiber — a.schmid-kietreiber@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)

Spokespersons IGP, MAE and Academic Diploma Programmes
Sara Kowal — s.kowal@students.muk.ac.at (Chairperson)
Stefanie-Beatrice Beer — s.beer@students.muk.ac.at (1st Dep.)
Sarah Machac — s.machac@students.muk.ac.at (2nd Dep.)


The MUK considers itself a progressive university of music and art that creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, acting and singing. The MUK is the only university owned by the City of Vienna and brings together the best international young talent and outstanding lecturers.



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