Chamber music competition

Sponsored by HFP Steuerberater

We are looking for a top ensemble consisting of three to five students of the Music and Art University of the City of Vienna. The programme of 15 to 20 minutes for the competition is to be chosen freely, but should include at least two different styles from the Viennese Classical period onwards (individual movements from larger works are possible). Ensembles with harpsichord/fortepiano are not eligible.
All active MUK students can apply, whereas more than 50 percent of the ensemble members must be enrolled MUK students (for a trio at least 2 MUK students, for a quartet or quintet at least 3 MUK students).

An external jury will decide on the awarding of the prize. The winning ensemble will be announced directly after the competition and will receive prize money of € 1,500.— donated by HFP Steuerberater. In addition to the successful audition, the prerequisite for receiving the scholarship is the participation of all ensemble members in the presentation of the scholarship, including a musical presentation.

The application includes the following information:

  • First and last name of all ensemble members
  • Study programme/ZkF
  • Competition programme in full with details of:
    Composers with biographical data
    exact title
    opus number(s)
    movement name(s), tempo name(s)
  • Exact duration of the individual programme items


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