Quality conferences

Quality conferences are standardised tools of the MUK quality management system. They are topic-specific, university-wide, standardised meetings that take place at least once a semester.

The MUK quality team conducted a survey on digital teaching among the university's students and lecturers, since a large part of teaching has taken place in this form since the beginning of the COVID19-pandemic in March 2020.

Quality Conferences Development Plan

In the Rectorate Jour fixe of 10 January 2020, it was decided to regularly convene a quality conference for the internal quality assurance of the development plan. They serve to review, substantiate and continuously develop the development plan and the organisational structure and corresponding structures for the further development of the development plan and the organisation.
These quality conferences serve for self-reflection and assessment of the state of development in one's own area of responsibility, fulfilment of international standards, orientation and reminding of individuals of higher-level goals, provides the management with an overview, redefinition of responsibilities, recording of new development goals and internal exchange on the development plan.
In preparation for the quality conferences on the development plan, the MUK quality team conducts surveys on the implementation status among the heads of the degree programmes, department heads, the AG für Gleichbehandlungsfragen (Working Group on Equal Opportunities) and the university management and presents their results at the quality conference.
The presentations made for this purpose can be downloaded in the column on the right.

Quality Conference WiSe 2020/21: Digital Teaching

The MUK quality team conducted a survey among the students and lecturers of the university on digital teaching, since a large part of the teaching has taken place in this form since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in March 2020.

The results of the survey conducted in December 2020 were presented at a quality conference in January 2021, the presentation of this evaluation is available for download here. The survey showed that the initially difficult changeover was managed much better in the later lockdowns. A good part of the challenges lay in the technical equipment and internet connections. On this side, the MUK has greatly upgraded since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. At the two locations in Johannesgasse and Bräunerstraße, the WLAN and the bandwidth of the internet connections were massively strengthened. Of the newly acquired software at the MUK, mainly MS teams are being used and improvements are also being implemented and planned in the area of hardware. What everyone is missing these days is, of course, also missing in digital teaching: proximity, direct exchange and, above all, creating art together. It has also become quite clear that face-to-face teaching at our university cannot be replaced — but what was initially only an inadequate substitute has, over time, become a valuable, contemporary addition to our teaching offer.

Quality Conference WiSe 21/22: Cooperations at the MUK

In the winter semester 21/22, the Rectorate decided on a new systematisation of the MUK cooperations (resolution of the Rectorate: Rectorate Jour-fixe 23.09.2021/TOP 11 b). Following the decision, this new systematisation was communicated and implemented in the run-up to the quality conference. The MUK quality team also conducted a survey on cooperation at the MUK for the quality conference among the heads of study programmes and department heads of the university. The new evaluation software EvaSys was used for the first time.

The results of the survey, which was conducted in December 2020, were presented at the quality conference in winter semester 21/22; a presentation of the survey is available for download here. The survey showed that the MUK follows the guidelines of the PU-AkkVO in its cooperation strategy and cultivates institutionally anchored cooperation with partners in various forms. The survey within the framework of the quality conference showed that the MUK - as stipulated in its statutes - maintains a comprehensive, active network through university and non-university cooperations with renowned cultural and educational institutions. The further development of the cooperation strategy is laid down in the development plan.

Co-operations at the MUK follow international standards and have formal characteristics, follow stages of institutional anchoring and work in fields defined in terms of content. The quality conference also showed that cooperation at the MUK is integrated into all six processes of the MUK quality system.

As a result of the conference, individual evaluations of the cooperations for the individual study programmes and areas will be compiled and communicated by the QM team and an internal rider for cooperations will be developed, which is intended to be a handout for the responsible employees, but also to contribute to standardisation.


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