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Keyboard Instruments, Conducting and Composition

  Head of programme: Jean Beers
  Vice head of programme: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dirk D’Ase

Major Subjects

The study programme Keyboard Instruments, Conducting and Composition offers a comprehensive education in piano, accordion and organ as well as in orchestra conducting and composition.

Contemporary teaching with a strong focus on practical work is provided in the keyboard instrument classes. Our instrumental studies serve to develop soloists, accompanists and chamber musicians. Special emphasis is placed on the individual talent of the students.

Additional keyboard instruments are currently offered as electives. In addition to studying as a central artistic subject (ZkF), a large number of complementary theoretic and practical subjects can be completed, ensuring comprehensive and professional training.

The study programme morover offers extensive training in composition and orchestra management.

The adventure of music is the main focus here, with students able to get involved in productions which allow them to hone their own skills. Reflection, analysis and innovation are constant companions of this course of studies.

Contact information Jean Beers
Johannesgasse 4a
1010 Vienna
3. Stock | Room 3.08

Mobile: +43 664 606 47 420

Info on the study programme

PDF info sheet (DE/EN)

Keyboard instruments at the MUK

Conducting and Composition at the MUK


  • 03.07.2021
  • Tasteninstrumente, Musikleitung und Komposition

COVID-19-Schutzkonzept der MUK

  • 02.07.2021
  • Tasteninstrumente, Musikleitung und Komposition

Öffnungszeiten in den Sommerferien 2021

  • 13.07.2021
  • Tasteninstrumente, Musikleitung und Komposition

Europäisches Forum Alpbach 2021

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