House Rules

House Rules at (Teaching-)Events

These house rules regulate the conditions that must be observed by visitors, employees and other persons when entering the MUK, in particular when attending a (teaching-)event. By entering all buildings and grounds of the MUK or by purchasing an admission ticket, each person acknowledges the house rules.

Stay at the MUK:

1. Access to the generally accessible premises is generally only permitted during opening hours.

2. The event venues and adjoining rooms may only be entered by persons belonging to the building outside of the event times, during set-up and dismantling times and during rehearsals.

3. Events may only be attended by persons who meet the attendance conditions required by the organizer (e. g. possession of an admission ticket, an invitation and the like). These tickets, invitations, etc. must be kept until the end of the event.

4. Access to the artists' dressing rooms and the backstage area is only permitted to artists and persons working in this area.

Behavior within the MUK:

5. All persons entering the MUK must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or obstructed and harassed. The rules of good conduct and appropriate behavior apply.

6. All persons entering the premises of the MUK must follow the instructions of the employees, the event staff and the security service. Anyone who intentionally or grossly negligently fails to follow the instructions may be expelled from the premises.

7. Escape routes, exits, passageways and stairwells must not be obstructed and must be kept clear of any obstructions at all times.

8. Violations of the house rules will be sanctioned in accordance with the relevant civil law provisions, unless they are to be prosecuted separately under criminal law.

9. All relevant legal provisions apply, in particular the protective provisions of the Vienna Youth Protection Act.

Prohibitions and controls:

10. The employees, the event staff and the security service are required to take all necessary measures to establish and maintain security on the premises. They are also entitled to refuse entry or issue a reprimand. Failure to comply with the removal order by supervisory bodies of the Landespolizeidirektion Vienna constitutes an administrative offense.

11. Employees, event staff and the security service are entitled to check whether persons pose a risk to safety due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying weapons or dangerous or flammable objects. With the consent of the persons concerned, they are also required to search items of clothing and containers/bags carried. Persons who pose a risk to security may therefore be prevented from entering the premises.

12. Persons who cause a disturbance of the peace before, during or after an event, as well as persons who cause a justified nuisance through their other behavior or condition, may be expelled from the premises.

13. It is prohibited to bring glass containers, cans, pyrotechnic objects, torches, sticks, umbrellas, banners, weapons of any kind and other dangerous objects onto the premises.

14. Outer clothing, rucksacks, bags, umbrellas, sticks, musical instruments and similar items must be deposited by visitors in time before the event in the clothing racks provided for this purpose. It is not permitted to take these items into the event venues. No liability is accepted for valuables such as purses, keys, etc. left in the clothes racks.

15. Animals of any kind may not be taken into the event venues. This does not apply to guide dogs and partner dogs.

16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the MUK. "Scenic smoking" on stage is also prohibited.

17. Cell phones must be switched off during the event.

18. It is forbidden to take food and drink into the event venues.

19. For safety reasons, bicycles, scooters and electric vehicles (e-scooters or similar) may not be parked anywhere on the MUK premises. Exceptions are the bicycle storage room and part of the inner courtyard in Bräunerstraße.

Sound and image recordings:

20. In the case of photo, television, film and video recordings, the visitor agrees to any recordings of their person that may be made. In addition, the visitor agrees to the publication of image material taken in the course of the event by means of photos, film or similar media.

21. Every person present at the MUK agrees that they may not make or transmit any audio and/or video recordings themselves. In any case, it is prohibited to transmit or subsequently publish sound and image material and the like in whole or in part via the Internet, radio, television or other media.


22. Any person entering the premises of the MUK acknowledges that they are there at their own risk. Accordingly, the cultural institution cannot be held responsible for any risks taken, dangers, including bodily injury, damage to or loss of private property or other incidents resulting from the visit to the premises, regardless of whether the incidents occur before, during or after the event.

23. No liability is accepted for any damage to property or physical injury arising in connection with the event - in particular for possible hearing damage. At concerts, the risk of damage to hearing and health cannot be ruled out due to the volume.
The use of hearing protection is recommended.

24. For damages caused by organizers, event participants or visitors, the corresponding criminal and civil law provisions shall apply, unless separate agreements have been made.

25. Accidents or damage must be reported immediately.

Status: December 2019


Hausordnung (in German only)