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Entrance exams for the start of studies in winter semester 2021/22

Application deadline: Sun., 14.03.2021


1. Video submission 

2. On-site appointment for selected applicants

Programme for the entrance exam

Master's Programme

on-site appointment: Thu., 01.07.2021
Concert Hall (Singerstraße 26, 2nd floor, 1010 Vienna)

The entrance examination for the Master’s degree is used to check the candidate’s aptitude for the specific requirements of the Master’s degree, with particular consideration of their prior knowledge and skills. 
The condition for admission to the Master’s degree is a completed Bachelor’s degree in a pertinent branch of study or an equivalent qualification from an Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational facility, as well as successfully passing all parts of the entrance examination. 
Fulfilment of the admission requirements in terms of quality are based on the requirements of graduating with a BA in the Early Music degree at the MUK. Admission with a degree qualification that is not relevant to the subject (not an “Early Music” Bachelor’s degree) may be linked with the condition that academic achievements from the Bachelor’s degree have to be completed in addition to the Master’s curriculum (see §10 of the Study and Examination Regulation of the articles of association). 


Step 1: 

The application for the entrance examination is done via the application mask in MUKonline. All necessary steps for the application for the entrance exam are listed here. 

Step 2: 

The entrance examination is done by sending in application videos. Important information for a correct recording of your application video can be found here. 

The application video includes: 

  • Introduction video + artistic presentation  


Introduction video  

The introduction video takes max. 2 minutes, the language is either German or English

In this introduction video, please include your personal information (name, etc.)important stages of your education to date, important artistic achievements, your motivation for studying, why you would like to study at MUK and, if applicable, your teacher* wishes.  

Directly after the performance, you will start your 1st video for the 1st round of the artistic presentation (without editing).  

Artistic presentation  

The presentation of your artistic program takes place directly after the introduction video (without editing!). You choose the program in your own orderThe specified examination program (without breaks/cuts) must be recorded in full length  
You have to take care of your own accompaniment. A submission without accompaniment is not possible. 
The choice of technical equipment is up to you, since it is in your own interest that sound and image quality are as representative as possible. 

Examination program: 
20-25 min, must include: 2 different styles

  • 1 fast and 1 slow movement
  • 1 work solo


You will be informed personally via e-mail about the result of your video application. 


Step 3: Optional on-site-audit (Decision of the examination committee after viewing the application videos)  


After viewing the video applications, applicants might be invited to an additional on-site audit at MUK.  


The date is 01.07.2021  

location: Singerstraße 26, 2nd floor, Concert hall, 1010 Vienna  


Contents of the on-site audit: 


  • Excerpts from the examination program will be selected on site by the commission.  


Please make all organizational preparations (flight reservations, visa, etc.) in time to participate. You will be informed by e-mail at the beginning of March 2021 at the latest if you will be invited to this optional on-site audition. 

Certificate of Performance


The entrance examination is done by sending in corresponding application videos.  
Important information for a correct recording of your application videos 
can be found here.  

The admission exam serves to determine applicants’: 

    a) motivation for undertaking the programme of study
    b) artistic proficiency (corresponding to Master’s level entry)
    c) artistic and personal suitability
The admission process is split into three parts – applicants must be successful in Part 1 in order to progress to the next stage.

1. Submission of a short biography (including language skills), covering letter, repertoire list and an audition programme:
•   Short biography: applicants should provide a written overview of the qualifications they have gained so far, their (language) skills, and the areas their activities have focused on.
•   Covering letter: applicants should describe their personal expectations of the programme and what they are looking to get out of it. Applicants should also state their current artistic activities and skills and those they are aiming to acquire.
•   Audition programme for Part 2: a programme for the artistic presentation that makes up Part 2 (corresponding to Master’s level entry).

2. Artistic presentation:
In the artistic presentation, applicants should demonstrate their instrumental proficiency and level of artistry. The programme should be put together by the applicant her/himself and should give as strong an impression as possible of her/his artistic qualifications. Instrumental proficiency should be at least that needed for Master’s level entry.

3. Colloquium:
Together with the applicant, a panel will discuss and reflect on the results of Parts 1 and 2 of the admission exam and examine the applicant’s individual and artistic potential as well as her/his personal goals and suitability for the programme.

Note: An appointment for an on-site entrance examination may also be arranged  
as an option after arrangement with the head of the study programme

Information required for all applicants

Schedule might be possibly altered even in the short term! Regarding that please look up this section of the website regularly. Thank you.

Applications for studying at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna can be submitted online at anytime; they will be reserved for the next admission period. Applications submitted after the application deadline can no longer be considered for the subsequent audition date.

ATTENTION: Please note that due to the current COVID19 situation, the application processes and entrance exams will take place in a modified form. For many studies, video submissions are provided which either replace or supplement the entrance examination on site. Please inform yourself in detail about the correct application process for your desired studies.


The MUK considers itself a progressive university of music and art that creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, acting and singing. The MUK is the only university owned by the City of Vienna and brings together the best international young talent and outstanding lecturers.



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