Meisterklasse Klavier mit Boris Berman

Mo 19.11.201815:00 - 19:15


Mo 19.11.2018, 15.00–19.15 Uhr
15.00–16.00 Uhr: Satomi Iwama, Franz Liszt | Spanische Rhapsodie
16.00–17.00 Uhr: Petar Kostov, Luciano Berio | Sequenza IV
17.15–18.15 Uhr: Jingfang Tan, Sergej Rachmaninow | Etudes-Tableaux op. 39 Nr. 1 & Nr. 5,
Fréderic Chopin | Ballade Nr. 4
18.15–19.15 Uhr: Wiktoria Kaminska, Sergej Prokofjew: Klavierkonzert Nr. 3

Di 20.11.2018, 10.00–12.00 Uhr & 14.00–16.00 Uhr
10.00–11.00 Uhr: Margaret Kim, Robert Schumann | Symphonische Etüden
11.00–12.0, Uhr: Rei Naito, Sergej Rachmaninow | Sonate Nr. 2
14.00–15.00 Uhr: Eunhye Kim, Maurice Ravel | Klavierkonzert G-Dur
15.00–16.00 Uhr: Yow-Ting Hsieh, Alexander Skrjabin | Fantasie op. 28

Boris Berman is regularly performing in more than fifty countries on six continents. His highly acclaimed performances have included appearances with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Gewandhaus Orchestra, The Philharmonia (London), the Toronto Symphony, Israel Philharmonic, Minnesota Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Houston Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, and the Royal Scottish Orchestra. A frequent performer on major recital series, he has also appeared in many important festivals.

Born in Moscow, he studied at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory with the distinguished pianist Lev Oborin. In 1973, he left a flourishing career in the Soviet Union to immigrate to Israel where he quickly established himself as one of the most sought-after keyboard performers. Presently, he resides in New Haven, USA.

A teacher of international stature, Boris Berman heads the Piano Department of Yale School of Music and conducts master classes throughout the world. He has been named a Honorary Professor of Shanghai Conservatory, of the Danish Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen, and of China Conservatory in Beijing. He is frequently invited to join juries of various international competitions.

A Grammy nominee, Mr. Berman's recorded all solo piano works by Prokofiev and Schnittke, complete sonatas by Scriabin, works by Mozart, Weber, Schumann, Brahms, Franck, Shostakovich, Debussy, Stravinsky, Berio, Cage, and Joplin. Most recently French label Le Palais des Degustateurs released Boris Berman's complete recording of Debussy Preludes, together with Estampes and other pieces.

In 2000, the prestigious Yale University Press published Professor Berman's Notes from the Pianist's Bench. In this book, he explores issues of piano technique and music interpretation. The book has been translated to several languages. In November, 2017 Yale University Press has published the newly revised version of the book electronically enhanced with audio and video components. In 2008, Yale University Press has published Boris Berman's Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas: A Guide for the Listener and the Performer. Boris Berman has also been an editor of the new critical edition of Piano Sonatas by Prokofiev (Shanghai Music Publishing House).

In 2018-19, Boris Berman is performing and teaching in Austria, China, France, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the USA.

Mo19.11.201815:00 - 19:15
Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien, MUK.podium Johannesgasse 4a 1010 Wien
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Boris Berman © Oleg Kvashuk
Boris Berman © Oleg Kvashuk


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