Behaviour in case of illness and contact person management

    If you have symptoms or fear you might be ill,
    stay home and dial 1450.

What are the criteria for being a suspected COVID-19 case?

Any form of acute respiratory infection (with or without fever) with at least one of the following symptoms for which there is no other plausible cause: Coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract (inflammation of the nose, throat and larynx), sudden loss of sense of taste/odour is considered a suspected COVID-19 case and must be reported immediately to 1450.

People with symptoms other than those mentioned (e.g. vomiting, diarrhoea) can also be classified as suspected COVID-19 cases if there is an urgent medical suspicion and must call 1450.

Behaviour in case of a positive COVID-19 test

All persons who have knowledge that they have had contact with a COVID19 case are required to report this in writing to the MUK at Because teaching at the MUK is mostly associated with activities with an increased risk of infection, all contact persons to COVID19 cases must stay away from the MUK for 5 days after contact.

NOT considered as contact persons: Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 within 60 days prior to contact with the person who tested positive and persons who have consistently worn an FFP2 mask when in contact with a person who later tested positive or are fully immunised (i. e. presence of 3 immunological events e.g. 3 vaccinations or recovery + 2 vaccinations) at least 7 days prior to contact. Persons who are fully immunised are encouraged to wear an FFP2 mask on the MUK for the five days following contact.

Contact persons are considered to be:

  • Household contacts
  • Persons who have been in the same room with a confirmed case for ≥ 15 minutes.
  • Persons who have been exposed with high probability to a relevant concentration of aerosols (e. g. singing/rehearsing together or playing sports indoors)
  • Persons who have had direct physical contact (e.g. shaking hands) with a confirmed case.


Behaviour in case of a positive COVID-19 test

Any case that is proven by a positive COVID-19 laboratory test is considered a confirmed COVID-19 case (regardless of symptomatology, vaccination status, previous illness). Call 1450 promptly, follow the official instructions and go into quarantine immediately.

Duty to inform

If you are classified as a COVID-19 case or suspected COVID-19 case, please contact MUK immediately and list all people you have had contact with at MUK from 48 hours before the first symptoms appeared: or +43 1 512 77 47-999

MUK employees are obliged to inform the human resources management (, +43 1 512 77 47-240), students the study programme (head of study programme, course management).

Contact person management

Documentation of attendance is mandatory and must be complete. Attendance lists must be kept by the course instructors for each course unit. These must be kept for 28 days and made available at all times.

Corona contacts are collected by the MUK and contact persons must stay away from the MUK for 5 days. Exempted from this are persons who have continuously worn an FFP2 mask when in contact with a person who later tested positive and persons who have themselves contracted COVID-19 within the last 60 days before the contact and persons who are fully immunised. Those are encouraged to wear an FFP2 mask on the MUK for the five days following contact.


Contact list for COVID-19-contact-tracing in courses
   (in German only)



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