General information

Limited library service

Because of COVID-19 only contactless loans are possible at the MUK library from Nov, 19th 2021.

Please pre-order media via our online catalog

Login: your MUK-ID (the number near your photo on the student- or employee ID card)

Password: date of birth in this form: DD.MM.YYYY

Alternatively you can also order via telephone (library) or e-mail

Please wait for the e-mail from us that your requested material is ready! Only then can you pick up the books or sheet music in the entrance area of the library. Please be sure to comply with the general access regulations.

For returns there will be a media return box in the entrance area of the library, where you can drop off your borrowed books or sheet music. Please check your returns for completeness, (esp. inserts in sheet music), otherwise we cannot clear them off your account. Because of hygienic measures it may take an additional day until your account is updated.

The loan period for books and sheet music you have borrowed before the lockdown will be extended, so that you do not incur any fees.

For now, the library's reading room (copier, research PCs, on-site media use) is not accessible to library users. Interlibrary loan is also only available to a very limited extent, as many partner libraries are closed.

General Information

You can search the entire collection of the library in the MUK's online catalogue. Users can also use the catalogue to extend the loan period of any media they have out and to reserve media.

Approximately 60,000 different media and countless digital offers are available to students and lecturer of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna.

The library of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna has a current collection of about 60,000 media, which are located in an open-access area with most being available for loan. More than half of these are sheet music: piano arrangements, scores, countless complete editions (e.g. by Handel, Schönberg, Mozart and Bach) and, of course, sheet music for all the instruments taught at the MUK. The book collection of about 13,000 titles includes countless reference books, catalogues raisonnés and biographies as well as academic publications in the fields of music practice, music education, history of music, musicology, dance and drama. This collection is being constantly and systematically expanded with the help of lecturers and students and in accordance with the library’s financial resources. Furthermore, there are about 30 journals for use on-site in the library.

In the media library with audio-visual stations, users have about 4,900 CDs, 3,700 LPs and 350 DVDs available to them. As with the journals, the AV media can only be used on-site and are not available for loan.

As well as the students and lecturer of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, students and lecturers at other Austrian universities, private universities and technical colleges as well as people with their main residence in Austria are able to borrow the resources.


The MUK considers itself a progressive university of music and art that creates cultural values in the fields of music, dance, acting and singing. The MUK is the only university owned by the City of Vienna and brings together the best international young talent and outstanding lecturers.



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