Contemporary Dance Education

The aim of the Contemporary Dance Education programme is to train dance teachers who can meet the challenges of contemporary creative dance teaching at the highest artistic level and in a variety of professional fields. The students obtain skills in the core fields of teaching, contemporary dance and choreography. The degree takes into account the holistic self-development of the students from an artistic and teaching point of view and encourages their social competence. Collaboration in public performances with their own creations is a fixed part of the syllabus.

Content of the central artistic subject

The central artistic subject module is split into three disciplines of equal value, which create the prerequisites for dance education: Contemporary dance for dance teachers (following the dance techniques of Rosalia Chladek and other contemporary methods and training forms), artistic design (improvisation, interdisciplinary design, choreography) and methodology/didactics in lessons with children, young people and adults.

Complementary courses

The artistic dance, teaching and organisational skills are further deepened by autonomous tasks, in all courses (1st – 8th semester). Teacher training with children, young people and adults (1st – 8th semester) and project work (5th – 8th semester) provide practical preparation for the profession.
The complementary courses are split into the following modules: Dance, rhythmic musical subjects, body awareness methods, teaching principles, work shadowing and internships, theoretic principles, science & research and examinations. Personal focuses can be selected as part of elective modules.

Bachelor's programme Contemporary Dance Education
Duration: 8 semesters                                                
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Minimum age: 18
Recommended maximum age: 25

Curriculum BA Contemporary Dance Education
Syllabus BA Contemporary Dance Education (in German)

Solo Improvisations - 1st year Contemporary Dance Education of the MUK

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