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Chamber Music (Academic diploma programme)

Aim of the training

The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna offers highly-qualified and tailored training for existing chamber music ensembles and individual instrumentalists in the form of the Chamber Music certification course.
As part of the course of instruction, the course participants will develop their artistic competences in chamber music groups and will acquire additional qualifications, be it with their existing ensemble or during the course with one or more fixed chamber music formations that will be formed on the course.

The aim of the course is to train instrumentalists who are very familiar with the specific demands of playing music in small groups.

You must have some experience of chamber music in order to take the Chamber Music course.

The objectives of participants and the specific content will be discussed and agreed with the course convenor, enabling individually focussed training and individual achievements.

The objectives are:

  • Recognition and intensification of the understanding of the special features of the participant’s instrument within the structure of ensembles
  • Further development of social competences relating to rehearsals and organisation
  • Recognition of one’s own strengths and weaknesses within the social structures of an ensemble
  • Recognition and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of others within the social structures of an ensemble
  • Expansion and intensification of knowledge about style and literature (repertoire work)
  • Preparation for concerts and participation in competitions
  • Development of stage presence
  • Sharpening and strengthening of one’s own artistic personality
  • Engagement with issues of up-to-date programming

The Chamber Music course is mainly offered for the following formations:

  • Duo with piano
  • Piano trio
  • Piano quartet
  • String trio
  • String quartet

If your formation differs from the above, please contact the course management before registering for the entrance examination to ask whether you can attend the Chamber Music course.

Ensembles will be formed for individuals (instrumentalists without a chamber music partner) after successful passing of the entrance examination or during the course. Subject to the possibilities and resources of the university, the wishes of participants will be taken into account but the decisions made by the course management shall be final. The aforementioned formations will take priority in these cases too.

Professional and personal qualification after completing the course

Graduates will acquire a qualified overview of the history and practice of the selected chamber music repertoire. They will be able to play music in ensembles at the highest level.

Professional fields

The scope is chamber music practice (membership of a professional chamber music ensemble).

Academic diploma programme Chamber Music
Duration: 2 semesters
Degree: Certifikate
Costs: 1.430 EUR for individuals/semester
  1.100 EUR per person/semester for duos
  770 EUR per person/semester for Trios
  660 EUR per person/semester for quartets
  550 EUR per person/semester from 5 people

Syllabus Chamber Music


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