Chamber Music

Entrance exams for the start of studies in winter semester 2020/21

Application deadline: Wed., 02.09.2020

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the entry is more difficult for some candidates than for others. In the spirit of equality, the head of program has decided to hold the entrance examination via video (not on site).

Video application:

Please send us your video application until 15.09.2020 to

Please send us the following videos:

  • 2 pieces from the examination program in their entirety
    • Video without cuts and editing
    • It must be obvious that the video was recorded specifically for the entrance exam
  • furthermore, an introductory video explaining the motivation to complete the program must be submitted (maximum two minutes).

Link submission via YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Please include "Video application chamber music WS 2020/21" in the subject line of the e-mail!

You will be informed personally via e-mail about the result of your entrance examination.

Programme for the entrance exam

Certificate of Chamber Music

Tue., 15.09.2020, all day
MUK.podium (Johannesgasse 4a, 1010 Vienna)

The board entrance examination aims to check suitability of the ensemble or individual (candidates without chamber music partners), while taking into consideration their prior practical knowledge and skills relating to chamber music. It also serves to provide a forecast of whether the aims of the course will be achieved.

1.    Submission of a brief biography (including language skills and evidence of chamber music experience), letter of motivation, list of works and exam programme:

•  Brief biography: Applicants should provide a written overview of their qualifications to date, their (language) skills, chamber music experience (concert programme, course certificates, etc.) and focal points.
•  Letter of motivation: Applicants should describe their personal expectations and aims for the course.
•  List of works: Applicants should document their ideas for the pieces to be worked on during the course.
•  Exam programme for the artistic examination (with the exception of individuals)

2.    Board artistic entrance examination
The exam programme must contain at least two different pieces, of which at least one should be a piece from the First Viennese School. Prestigious single movements are also possible. Where no pieces by the First Viennese School exist for the ensemble, arrangements are also permitted.
The performed works must fall into the category of Chamber Music under the express exclusion of accompanied solo literature.

Programme length: approx. 30 minutes

Ensembles play in the ensemble group.
Individuals will receive a list of chamber music to prepare after registering. For the artistic examination, an ensemble will be provided by the MUK which will have prepared at least once piece from this list. During the examination, the candidate will try out with the ensemble, taking on the relevant part. Up to three different pieces from the list will be attempted during the examination.
The chair of the committee can interrupt or terminate the performance or audition (for individuals) at any time.

3.    Viva:
The viva will test the linguistic skills of the applicant and the predicted feasibility of said applicant taking the course, with special consideration given to the university’s resources.
The committee will check the individual and artistic potentials and the chance of realising the individual objectives.

Information required for all applicants

Schedule might be possibly altered even in the short term! Regarding that please look up this section of the website regularly. Thank you.

Applications for studying at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna can be submitted online at anytime; they will be reserved for the next admission period. Applications submitted after the application deadline can no longer be considered for the subsequent audition date.

ATTENTION: Please note that due to the current COVID19 situation, the application processes and entrance exams will take place in a modified form. For many studies, video submissions are provided which either replace or supplement the entrance examination on site. Please inform yourself in detail about the correct application process for your desired studies.


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